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Product Description

CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops is a dietary supplement formulated by nature for greater bio electric health & body mineral balancing. Suitable for regular or sodium restricted diets and so concentrated that 40 drops (1/2 teaspoon) equals the mineral content of 1/2 cup sea water with 99% sodium removed. CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops is intended to be a comprehensive mineral and electrolyte supplement that can be confidently used as a complement to all alternative/complementary therapies to provide a complete, full spectrum trace mineral support.

Product Benefit
  • Highly Concentrated Ionic Minerals
  • Highly absorbable, 72 Macro and Trace Minerals
  • Increases Energy
Dosage & Direction

1 drop per 3 kilo of body weight, or up to 20-40 drops per day. Mix with any juice or food at mealtimes to mask the concentrated mineral flavour, or take straight, followed with a glass of juice or water. At 20 ? 40 drops daily, 60mls = 24 day supply. Increased dosages maybe taken if directed by a qualified Health Professional. Larger amounts may have a laxative effect. Improve the flavour of reverse osmosis, de-ionized, or distilled water. Add 20-40 drops 4 litres of distilled water, or to taste, to get the flavour of expensive mineral water while adding a complete, balanced spectrum of low sodium minerals and trace minerals. At 20 drops, (1/4 teaspoon) per 4 litres, 60 mils will re-mineralize 190 litres.